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Feature on: Nylon Rollers

Older garage doors with metal rollers can be quite noisy. Older metal garage door rollers bang around in a loose fitting steel track and create an awful racket. Often times the older metal rollers are solid without ball bearings of any kind, creating noisy and damaging metal on metal abrasion.

The older rollers that do have ball bearings, have their ball bearings open and exposed allowing metal shavings to get into the bearings and wear them out.

After a few years the stem of the rollers can get so loose from wear that the rollers detach from the stem, allowing the door to fall. Since rollers support the door in the track, this will cause the door to hang, get stuck in one position, making the door completely inoperable.

Newer nylon garage door rollers come in two basic types: The standard type is an 11 ball roller with unsealed bearings that wear out quickly just as the older metal rollers did. The 11 ball rollers have a lot of friction and create wear in other parts of the door hardware.

The second type and best garage door roller currently available are sealed 13 bearing rollers. They keep out metal shavings, and thereby should last many times the life of the 11 ball rollers with less friction to extend the life of the rest of your door hardware.